Wanna see us do our thing?

Wanna see us do our thing?

Some BTS action for our debut collection,       as a treat.

eladay was dreamed up to make you feel as hot as you look and look as hot as you feel (whichever comes first, really). Unsurprisingly, when it came time to shoot the very first collection, we showed up, felt good, and looked hot. All in a day’s work, right?

Natalie made her way North to a vintage home in Montreal, where a set was put together to truly embody everything the brand stands for. Vintage records were playing, some super-cute retro decor was there to play around with—the vibes were basically immaculate.

But It wasn’t just the aesthetic that was on point. The incredible individuals that make up the Eladay team were the real MVP’s when it came to nailing the cozy, fun, carefree atmosphere that shines through in the pics.

Our debut collection is all about celebrating the things that make you you. The fine & fierce person you are today can be traced back to your roots—the places you call home and those spots you revisit to connect with your true self. That’s why we created a scene that evokes that same fuzzy feeling you get when you slip into your go-to outfits. See what we did there?